How We Work

What we do:

We are a highly versatile garden design company and can take on any kind of garden. We can work with any size of project – from replanting a small bed to full garden makeovers – and any style of garden – from formal urban courtyards to naturalistic country gardens.

We design gardens to suit your needs, tastes, site and budget.

The area we cover:

Our garden design practice is based in West London – Ealing and Chiswick.  We are happy to work on gardens in Chiswick, Ealing, Acton, Hammersmith, Notting Hill, Holland Park, Fulham, Putney, Kew, Richmond, Sheen, Ham, Teddington, and Twickenham and surrounding areas.  And for larger projects we are willing to go further afield to Surrey, Bucks, and Berkshire, and elsewhere in the South East.

The process:

Having a garden designed by a garden designer is like hiring an architect to design a new extension, and follows many similar stages.

Design stages:

A masterplan

Initial consultation
This is to discuss the scope of the project, your tastes and preferences, and what you would like to achieve.

Written proposal
We will then write a proposal for you setting out the brief and our design fee for the project.

Site survey
A survey of your garden forms the basis of the new design. It will cover factors such as the type and pH level of soil, light, shade, exposure and ground levels in different parts of the garden. The area to be designed will be measured and the positions of relevant existing aspects recorded, so that the garden plan can be drawn up on computer.  We would take lots of photographs to ensure that the design takes account of views of the garden from various aspects


We will draw up a preliminary design (or designs – there may be alternatives at this stage) on the basis of the initial consultation and site survey. This ‘masterplan’ will be presented to you as a two dimensional plan (ie, looked at from above like a map) which will show the key elements of the design. We will also supply a 3D sketch (or sketches) or alternatively 3D computer generated pictures to help you visualise what is proposed.  We would give you an indication of the type of plants we are thinking about at this stage.

Final plan

Taking account of your feedback, we will go on to refine the masterplan and produce detailed final plans showing specific dimensions and materials.  A planting plan is done at this stage which shows plant sizes and positions on the plan.

planting plan
A planting plan


Once the final plan is agreed, it forms the basis for getting quotes from landscapers to build it. Landscapers may not be needed if for example you are simply having a border redesigned, but for most projects landscapers would be taken on for tasks such as site clearance, construction work (laying patios, building pergolas, walls, fencing, etc), as well as laying turf and preparing soil

sandstone steps
Construction drawing of sandstone steps


We can supply plants and plant them, and can give you a quote for this once the detailed plan is agreed.  Alternatively if you prefer to source and plant them yourself that is also possible.

Additional Services:

We are also able to provide the following additional services if required:

A plant maintenance schedule – showing in detail how to care for the specific plants in your garden, season by season

Liaison with the landscapers – during the build phase

Construction drawings – if your landscapers need them (they may not be needed for routine tasks)


Please contact us to discuss what we can do for your garden