Peaceful Water Garden

The aim was to produce a natural looking water garden – with verdant planting, colourful fish and plentiful wildlife. The area had previously be overshadowed by a huge Leylandii tree making it unsuitable for ponds or for anything much else to grow. See how it looks at different stages of development by spooling through the pictures below.


The water garden was built in a small area of just 12 x 9 metres. The tree was removed and digging began.

We installed two ponds – one for goldfish and koi, and a separate small pool with gently sloping sides for frogs and newts. We also added a waterfall and boggy area for planting. One side of the fishpond is edged with reclaimed York stone, and alongside this is a small lawn for seating.

The water garden surrounds were thickly planted with lush bog plants, shrubs and grasses, with drifts of colourful perennials nearby. It has thriving populations of ornamental fish and soon attracted many amphibians, birds and dragonflies, creating a sense of nature and tranquility in this suburban garden.

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