Kentish Town courtyard garden

This Kentish Town garden had been redesigned with paved surface and raised beds to make it more suitable for a new dog.  Our brief was to provide stylish low maintenance planting which would have an immediate impact.

Spool through the pictures below to see what we did.



We filled the raised beds with large shrubs and perennials, with an array of different leaf shapes and textures using plants such as Fatsia japonica, Euphorbia wulfenii and various pittosporums.

Much of the planting was evergreen to provide year round interest, and the predominant colour was green to give a serene and lush effect, but with small amounts of pink, purple and white for accent.

We included several elegant japanese maples in large pots and the fences were clothed with climbers, particularly attractive ivy in the shade and Trachelospermum jasminoides in the sun.

Much of the garden was heavily shaded and in these areas we planted ferns, hellebores, euonymous and shade loving grasses and perennials.

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